Rethinking the origin of Moral “Must”: A conceptual analysis of Kant and ‘Adliyah Theologians

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Fakhteh Mahini
Davood Yahyaei
Mohammad Mahdi Angalian


The aim of this research is to analyse the origin of morals, with respect to reality and theology, from the viewpoint of Kant theory of morals and Adliyah theologians. Real or unreal origin of moral “musts†and its relationship with religion can be studied ontologically. This survey, which was conducted through a conceptual and deductive analysis method, shows that according to Kant and 'Adliyah theologians, “musts†stem from the fact that Kant believes that “reason†explores both moral laws and makes them necessary. 'Adliyah theologians suggest that reason is just able to explore moral laws which have become necessary by God to reach the ultimate perfection. The Adliyah theologians’ opinion in the origin of morals is an innovation in the topic of morals. This research therefore sets precedence in the exploration of the Adliyah theologians’ opinion on morals and also recommend further research in this regard.

Keywords: must, realism, indicative, imperative,  Kant, Adliyah theologians, reason, morals;


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