Mathematical and financial literacy A research with prizren University students

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Munevver Muyo Yildirim
Luan Vardari


This study aimed to determine the financial and mathematical literacy levels of university students. Therfore the study contributes to the reflection of students’ knowledge of mathematics and finane aquired during their studies to the problems they face in real life as well as to examine how this bacground affect their opinions in practice. Findings has shown that students' financial  and mathematics literacy general achievement levels is 39.7%. It is satisfactory to found that the studnets of Faculty of Economics have higher levels of financial mathematical literacy knowledge than those of the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Technology, and that the Faculty of Education is at the forefront of the Faculty of Technology studentsdespite the fact that the Faculty of Education does not proviede does not courses in the field of economics and finance. In addition, considering the university students to be more sensitive about their current financial and economic information, it is not expected that the overall success in the findings will be lower than 40%.


Keywords: Mathematical Literacy, Financial Literacy, Prizren University, Students, Kosovo;


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Muyo Yildirim, M. . ., & Vardari , L. . (2020). Mathematical and financial literacy: A research with prizren University students. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 15(6), 1574–1586.