‘Desire to learn, learn to shine’: Idolizing motivation in enhancing speaking skill among L2 learners

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Tribhuwan Kumar


This paper aims to analyze the effect of motivation in the development of English speaking skills on second language acquisition. There are so many excellent teaching methods that vary in effectiveness. Motivation is the driving force for learning another language, and integration of that language into the person’s identity. Motivation is the practical reason for learning a second language. Data collection was done from two Indian universities named: Patna University and Patliputra University, from each university 50 students were randomly selected. Speaking English is one of the best needs of individual in both the students’ academic and a professional field. The second language students should be encouraged not only in the classroom but also outside to speak in English. In achieving this goal, motivation can be used as magical catalyst in learning L2. With this viewpoint, this research focuses on 3 main motivational factors to analyze the role of motivation in developing speaking skills: identifying the motivation function in promoting speaking skills; researches on motivational factors for English as second language; suggesting impact and strategies in stimulating learners in developing speaking skills. close-ended questionnaires using relevant types of questions are chosen to conduct data collection. For the research, descriptive statistical analysis was performed using SPSS software. The mean value was used to represent the analysis results. Within this paper, the researcher identified several factors that affect students’ motivation to learn second language. Motivation is surely, of great importance in this phenomenon, and is often critical in its development.


Keywords: language skills, L2 learner, motivation, second language; speaking skill;


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Kumar , T. . (2021). ‘Desire to learn, learn to shine’: Idolizing motivation in enhancing speaking skill among L2 learners. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 16(1), 411–422. https://doi.org/10.18844/cjes.v16i1.5542