Attitude scale towards literature for high school students: A study of validity and reliability

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Ali Turkel
Ibrahim Seckin Aydin
Coskan Tugay Goksu


The purpose of this research is to compensate the lack of research regarding the above-mentioned fields, and literature in particular, and to take a leading part to open the path for new studies regarding the subject. With regards to this purpose, it is planned to measure the attitude of high school students towards literature via an objective tool and thus, Attitude Scale Towards Literature (ASTL) was generated. The scale, which was implemented on 739 high school students during 2019-2020, consists of total 33 statements of which 20 are positive and 13 are negative. Respondents of the survey are students of three different schools and are from 4 different grade levels, namely 9, 10, 11 and 12th grades. With the aim of determining the factor pattern of the scale, principle components analysis was preferred as method of factoring and varimax was chosen as the spinning method. In accordance with these data, explanatory factor analysis was carried out on the scale and it was determined that the scale has a structure of two factors. The first factor is Attitude Towards Personal Development; and the second factor is Attitude Towards Internalization of Literature.

Keywords: Literature, high school students, validity, reliability


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Turkel, A., Aydin, I. S. ., & Goksu, C. T. (2021). Attitude scale towards literature for high school students: A study of validity and reliability. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 16(2), 468–486.