Free reading activities at village institutes: Why and how?

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Pinar Kizilhan
Ahmet Guneyli


In this study, it was aimed to discuss the free reading activities (FRA) practised for 1 hour at 21 different Village Institutes in Turkey in pedagogical respects. In this regard, FRA, applied within the scope of an extra programme, was analysed in terms of content and method on the basis of cognitive and affective learning. When the findings of this research were evaluated, it was seen that raising literary readers is a part of the educational activities at the institute. The FRA is a programme design supporting the enrichment of intellectual, emotional, social and aesthetic developments. The main purpose of education in the village is the problem of selecting and preparing the books to be read during free reading hours in a well manner. The educators of the period implementing the FRAs created an original model of education appropriate to the social reality of the people and in accordance with their educational needs. 

Keywords: Free reading activities (FRAs), village institutes (VI), Turkish curricula, document review.


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Kizilhan, P. ., & Guneyli, A. . (2021). Free reading activities at village institutes: Why and how?. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 16(2), 739–758.