New educational strategies for life quality of retirement age people during pandemic

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Alena A. Zharkova
Andrey V. Losyakov
Aleksander F. Anufriev
Julia A. Krokhina
Elena I. Mayorova
Mikhail V. Gundarin
Sergey M. Grigorev


The article considers the problem of activation of people of retirement age during the period of self-isolation and studies education as a means of their activation. As a research method, the questionnaire method was used, which allows us most effectively to find out the features in the attitude of retirement age people who are in self-isolation to personal development through education.  It is determined that with the help of education in conditions of self-isolation and in the presence of a modern information society, elderly people want to activate their resources, increase their own professional competence in various fields of knowledge, and master various skills in response to a stressful situation during the situation of self-isolation. It is revealed that most of all during the period of self-isolation, people of retirement age need knowledge from the field of psychology and pedagogy; slightly less in knowledge from the field of medicine and political science; rather low interest in knowledge from the field of agricultural sciences.  It is shown that people of retirement age showed interest in computer literacy, knowledge about a healthy lifestyle, history and culture of their native land.


Keywords: Self-isolation, coronavirus pandemic, retirement age, educational strategies.


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Zharkova, A. A. . ., Losyakov, A. V. . ., Anufriev, A. F., Krokhina, J. A., Mayorova, E. I., Gundarin, M. V., & Grigorev, S. M. (2021). New educational strategies for life quality of retirement age people during pandemic. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 16(2), 819–826.