Development of a cello performance measurement tool: Validity and reliability study

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Mehmet Can Ciftcibasi


The aim of this study was to develop a new performance measurement tool with proven validity and reliability to be used in the semester final exams of the individual instrument (cello) courses in institutions in which music teachers are trained. The study has a descriptive nature and a documentary scan was made during the preparation of the items to be included in the measurement tool. The participants of the study comprised 17 instructors who teach cello in 17 different universities in Turkey and a total of 50 students from 4 different music teaching programmes. In the study, two different data collection tools were used, namely the opinion form applied to the instructors of the cello lesson and the measurement tool developed by the researcher, in order to determine the importance of the criterion skills in the tool. Internal consistency was examined for the reliability of the tool and Cronbach's alpha and Cohen's kappa formulas were used. The Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficient was determined to be .94 and the statistical significance level was determined to be .05. As a result of the study, a valid and reliable measurement tool for measuring cello performance was developed.

Keywords: Cello education, Measuring cello performance, Performance measurement tool


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Ciftcibasi, M. C. (2021). Development of a cello performance measurement tool: Validity and reliability study. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 16(2), 859–868.