The effect of training and education and teacher certification allowances on teachers

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Mislia Mislia
Andi Alim
Ekafadly Usuf
Hasmin Tamsah
Yusriadi Yusriadi


Effectiveness training can encourage teacher performance and knowledge management, and soft-skill competence to strengthen the relationship—this study conducted with a quantitative approach. The analysis tool uses SEM-Amos version 23. The population in this study were 18240 teachers in South Sulawesi Province. The sample was determined by accidental technique, with a sampling target of at least 100 people who filled in early. Only 236 teachers filled out the questionnaire until the specified time limit, and it was declared complete. Effectiveness training proved to encourage teacher performance improvements during the COVID-19 pandemic. This empirical evidence answers the researcher's assumptions and, at the same time, adds to the limited reference to the relationship of the conceptual framework built in this study. This study shows that practical training can encourage internal organizational development, especially in improving employees' ability to share and problem-solve to enhance teachers' skills.


Keywords: Raining effectiveness, knowledge management, soft-skill competence, teacher, performance, Indonesia


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Mislia , M. ., Alim , A. ., Usuf , E. ., Tamsah , H. ., & Yusriadi , Y. . (2021). The effect of training and education and teacher certification allowances on teachers. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 16(4), 1368–1383.