The reality of using Moodle In a distance education program

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Tarik Faris Al Soub
Nidal Zaki Amarin


Using e-learning system (moodle) in distance education in time of the Covid-19 has become a reality, and the study was concerned with revealing the degree of faculty members   ’benefit from the Moodle system, as well as the nature of the challenges they faced, in addition to their vision to develop the use of Moodle system in teaching. The study used the descriptive analysis method, and the results showed that faculty members have benefited from the Moodle system for a high degree, although they indicated that there are significant challenges. The faculty members suggested continuing training on using the Moodle system and updating the version of the system available at the university. Results also showed that there are statistically significant differences in the estimates of the study sample of the reality of employment in favor of female faculty members as well as faculty members with low teaching experience, in the youth group. Accordingly, the study recommends training the teaching staff to use educational platforms and face the challenges facing distance education through these platforms


Keywords: Distance education - Corona pandemic


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Al Soub, T. F., & Amarin, N. Z. (2021). The reality of using Moodle In a distance education program. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 16(5), 2173–2192.