The promotion of self-directed learning in Pre-school: Reflection on teachers' professional practice

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Jana Grava
Vineta Pole


A learning environment that offers the opportunity for the child to explore the world, express him/herself and use everyday life as a learning experience forms the basis for a child’s self-directed learning.  This research’s objective is to discover the determining factors of the child's self-directed learning, revealing the challenges faced by the teachers in organizing self-directed learning process. This is a phenomenological research study, designed as a mixed sequential qualitative and quantitative study, which implies a qualitative processing of the initial data. 150 teachers from different regions and cities of Latvia completed the survey. The interviews were conducted with seven participants. In this study, 50 self-assessments of pre-school teachers were analysed focusing on the quality of their professional activity. We discovered a shift in teachers' understanding of their professional pedagogical activity, its content and implementation methods related to metacognitive abilities, in order to effectively plan, organize and evaluate their pedagogical strategies.

Keywords:  pre-school; child's self-directed learning; teaching.



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Grava, J. ., & Pole, V. (2021). The promotion of self-directed learning in Pre-school: Reflection on teachers’ professional practice. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 16(5), 2336–2352.