Educational innovation as one of the drivers of human evolution

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Catalina Guzman
Erika Jaillier-Castrillon


Educational innovation is presented as a dynamic within the school that enables development, transcending and breaking paradigms in pedagogical practices and in the types of relationships that converge within it, aspects that shape and materialize the evolution of human development. To understand how educational innovation becomes one of the engines of human evolution, this study was carried out under a qualitative methodology, which allowed the analysis of a social phenomenon, in order to interpret the object of study, its constructions, relationships, and synergies From the results, it can be concluded that the challenge faced by the school is to embrace and incorporate the innovation trends that mark the current society, which will allow the gap between the vertiginous change that impacts it and its educational function to be closed.


Key words: innovation, educational innovation, 21st century education, school, 21st century skills.


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Guzman, C., & Jaillier-Castrillon, E. . . (2021). Educational innovation as one of the drivers of human evolution. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 16(5), 2651–2676.