The significance of typography in data visualisation

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Halime Türkkan


With the development of technology and the dominance of the digital world, typography has become a critical issue. Information design systems are considered as one of the significant areas of graphic design. Big data provides important information on data visualisation. While presenting this information, the value that the script adds to the design will be examined in this study. The choice of typefaces, leading and kerning in typography, type hierarchy, harmony, balance, unity, the contrast between the visual elements and typography are the critical components of data visualisation. ‘Communication designers often err on the side of providing features that entertain and visually please audience's ability to receive or understand the message, in the hope that messages will be understood because they are associated with appealing features. Although designers often concentrate on visuals and aesthetics, at other times they hope to attract viewers by focusing clearly on valuable content. But too often both approaches impair the audience's ability to receive or understand the message’. In support of what Jacobson mentioned above in his book titled Information Design, this study aims to emphasise the undeniable importance of typography in data visualisation designed for informative purposes.


Keywords: Typography, design, data visualisation


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