Being a style icon in fashion world: Iris Apfel

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Esra Varol


The word fashion which expresses change and encompasses all areas of humanity is synonymous with clothing when taken in its narrow and common sense. People who can direct clothing fashion with their original clothing and appearances and are followed with great interest by public are called ‘style icons’. As style icons, people from many different disciplines such as cinema, music, design, politics and sports have emerged with fashion and had an impact on clothing styles of different periods. One of the style icons of this era is Iris Apfel, who was born in Astoria in 1921, studied art and is known as an interior designer. The aim of this research is to examine the clothing style as well as all the visual elements (clothes, accessories, jewellery, hair, make-up etc.) that constitute the style of Iris Apfel as a style icon. The method of the research is qualitative in line with the research problem, purpose and the path followed in reaching the findings. Thus, a visual analysis of 10 photographs randomly selected from personal social media accounts or the internet was carried out. The findings obtained as a result of the analysis are presented in detail on each image.

Keywords: Fashion, clothing, style icon, Iris Apfel.


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