Infographics designed in the field of tourism

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Aysegul Sezer


Apart from facilitating human life, changes occurring in technology and communication also bring along a confusion at the same time with the mass of information it creates in today’s world. When considered with respect to the field of tourism, infographics, which visually ensure that the complexity that occurs as a result of these changes are systematic and understandable in general, provide opportunities such as creating an environment of trust with the visual language they offer, being educative, revealing complex information and making it more explanatory, being persuasive, being directive, saving of time and stimulation. Infographics, which appear as print media in the field of tourism, also aim to produce design solutions that meet today's needs by appearing in an interactive environment and on the web. In this study, how infographics, which aim to facilitate the understanding of the environment in which people exist in today's information age, contribute to the field of tourism, which design solutions they use and the facilities they provide to human life in this field will be discussed by searching the new approach models used today.

Keywords: Graphic design, infographic, design, tourism, travel.


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