User acceptance of ATM biometric authentication

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Devinaga Rasiah
Yuen Yee Yen


Malaysia is amongst one of the first countries in the world to use biometrics as a standard in its identification cards and automatic teller machines (ATMs). Currently, there is a lack of studies in Malaysia and around the world that studied the user acceptance of ATM biometric authentication technology. All previous studies tended to overlook the user acceptance of ATM biometrics authentication which is an increasingly important mechanism to verify user identity in banking industry. Therefore, this study is carried out to examine the key factors of user acceptance of ATM biometric authentication technology in Malaysian banks. The target population of this study was customers of commercial banks in the central region of Malaysia. The participants were randomly selected. The questionnaire was distributed to 200 bank customers who have at least 1-year experience in using ATM biometric authentication. The items in the questionnaire were derived from the extensive survey of relevant literature and oral interview. The findings show that both the performance expectancy and social influence have significant effects on user adoption of ATM biometric authentication.

Keywords: ATM, behavioural intention to use, biometrics, performance expectancy, social influence.


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Rasiah, D., & Yee Yen, Y. (2020). User acceptance of ATM biometric authentication. Global Journal of Computer Sciences: Theory and Research, 10(1), 11–17.