Find the difference: Parent–child interactions at Ankara University Toy Museum

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Sila Bayindir


Museums are founded on the preservation, classification and exhibition of artifacts collected from rare cabinets to imperial treasures. The aim of this study was to examine how arrangements in museum differentiate parental scaffolding behaviour. This research was carried out in Ankara University Toy Museum, and 50 parent–child couples participated. It was investigated how the situation of playing ‘find the difference’ game differentiates parental scaffolding behaviour. Interactions between parents and children in the museum were videotaped and speeches were transcribed. Speeches were divided into scaffolding categories and frequencies were calculated. As a result of the analysis, 20 parents played the game with their children. According to the results of the research, museums can support parents’ scaffolding behaviour. In Turkey, there is limited information on how parents are using museums for their children. Studies carried out in this field can provide more information about how practices can be conducted in this field.


Keywords: Scaffolding behaviours, cognitive development, early childhood, museum, informal education.


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Bayindir, S. . (2021). Find the difference: Parent–child interactions at Ankara University Toy Museum. Global Journal of Guidance and Counseling in Schools: Current Perspectives, 11(2), 88–97.