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Nur Demirbas Celik


Dear reader,


We are thrilled to publish Volume 11, Number 1 of the Global Journal of Guidance and Counseling: Current Perspectives. As expected, we have carefully selected top-notch articles ranging in a variety of trending issues in the field of guidance and counselling. With topics represented from North Cyprus, Morocco, Albania, Croatia and Ethiopia, Volume 11, Number 1 promises to expand your knowledge in current issues.

The COVID-19 pandemic is still in full force and we are doing our best to keep you updated and informed. This particular issue presents the results of studies carried out in the following topics:  Examining the relationship between the school climate and motivation of teachers who work in primary and secondary schools; Correlations of self-esteem with academic competencies and gender variations; Psychosocial challenges of single parenthood students: In the case of Hosanna Primary School, Ethiopia; Play therapy in the prevention of behavioural disorders of school-aged children; The relationship between internet addiction and psychopathological variables among students of Albania’s Universities.

Our authors have once again proved themselves worthy of admiration. The quality of papers they submitted helped us to maintain our standard as a highly renowned journal and we would like to thank them specially. We commend the efforts of our professional reviewers and our publishing team as well.

While you read, we hope you are motivated to submit quality papers that can add to the body of existing knowledge. Enjoy reading!!


Best regards

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nur Demirbas Celik, Executive Editor

Alanya Alaadin Keykubat University, Turkey


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