A study to analyse the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in transforming Australian healthcare

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Shakir Karim
Nitirajsingh Sandu
Ergun Gide


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the biggest emerging movement and promise in today’s technology world. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in contrast to Natural (human or animal) Intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines. AI is also called Machine Intelligence, aims to mimic human intelligence by being able to obtain and apply knowledge and skills.  It promises substantial involvements, vast changes, modernizations, and integration with and within people’s ongoing life. It makes the world more demanding and helps to take the prompt and appropriate decisions with real time. This paper provides a main analysis of health industry and health care system in Australian Healthcare that are relevant to the consequences formed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This paper primarily has used secondary research analysis method to provide a wide-ranging investigation of the positive and negative consequences of health issues relevant to Artificial Intelligence (AI), the architects of those consequences and those overstated by the consequences. The secondary resources are subject to journal articles, reports, academic conference proceedings, media articles, corporation-based documents, blogs and other appropriate information. The study found that Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides useful insights in Australian Healthcare system. It is steadily reducing the cost of Australian Healthcare system and improving patients’ overall outcome in Australian Healthcare. Artificial Intelligence (AI) not only can improve the affairs between public and health enterprises but also make the life better by increasing efficiency and modernization. However, beyond the technology maturity, there are still many challenges to overcome before Australian Healthcare can fully leverage the potential of AI in health care - Ethics being one of the most critical.


Keywords: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Health Industry, Health Care System, Australian Healthcare;


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Karim, S., Sandu, N., & Gide, E. (2020). A study to analyse the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in transforming Australian healthcare. Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies, 10(1), 01–11. https://doi.org/10.18844/gjit.v10i1.4533

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