Qualitative study on the positive implications of the COVID-19 lockdown in Zimbabwe: A parent’s perspective

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Tinashe Simbarashe
Herber Zirima


Corona virus disease (COVID-19), a pandemic which emerged in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, has caused a global crisis with most nations resorting to adopting national lockdowns to contain the spread of the virus. While the pandemic and the lockdowns have caused distress, this study seeks to explore the positive implications of the lockdown in Zimbabwe. The objectives of the research were to explore the benefits of the COVID-19 lockdown to family life in Zimbabwe, identify the positive psychosocial implications of the COVID-19 lockdown on individuals and explore the coping mechanisms adopted by people dealing with the temporary change of lifestyle caused by the lockdown. A qualitative research approach was used, utilizing a phenomenological research design. A total of 10 participants took part in the study. Purposive sampling was applied to carry out the study. Data were collected using a semi-structured interview guide. The interviews were conducted using the WhatsApp platform. This was done to uphold the social distancing stipulations. Data were analysed through the use of thematic analysis. Major findings of the research were that parents were able to plan accordingly and avoid unnecessary impulsive buying. Parents had the opportunity to do a self-reflection. Parents and their families were able to seek God and be close to him through praying, read the bible and follow live streaming of church services online. Parents and their families stayed entertained through socializing with friends and relatives using social media platforms and by doing indoor exercises. One of the recommendations of the study is that the government should provide citizens with accurate and real-time updates to lessen anxiety among the people, as some people mislead other by giving false information.

Keywords: Qualitative study, COVID-19, corona virus, lockdown, positive, parenting, implications


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Simbarashe, T., & Zirima, H. (2020). Qualitative study on the positive implications of the COVID-19 lockdown in Zimbabwe: A parent’s perspective. Global Journal of Psychology Research: New Trends and Issues, 10(2), 96–107. https://doi.org/10.18844/gjpr.v10i2.4788