Pulmonary complications after open heart surgery: A retrospective study

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Abdul-Monim Mohammad Batiha
Ibtisam Al-Zaru
Majdee Saiah AL-Shaarani
Fadwa N Alhalaiqa


Despite significant advances in open heart surgery over the last two decades, postoperative pulmonary complications (PPCs) are considered the most important causes that contribute to patient morbidity, mortality and prolonged hospital stay. The ultimate goal of this paper was to investigate the risk factors which increasing the incidence rate of pulmonary complications after open heart surgery of Jordanian patients. A retrospective design using an existing coronary artery surgery database of adults (n = 200) who had undergone open heart surgery between August 2014 and July 2015 at a University Hospital in Jordan. A structured PPCs instrument was used to assess ‘PPCs risk factors assessment sheet’. According to the results, the proposed model provides a preliminary indication of risk factors placing open heart surgical patients at risk of PPCs. Determining patients who are at risk of developing PPC’s after cardiac surgeries are the first step towards its prevention. This reduces its burden in term of morbidity, mortality and cost.


Keywords: Jordan, open heart surgery, predictors, pulmonary complications, risk factors.


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Batiha, A.-M. M., Al-Zaru, I., AL-Shaarani, M. S., & Alhalaiqa, F. N. (2021). Pulmonary complications after open heart surgery: A retrospective study. International Journal of Emerging Trends in Health Sciences, 5(1), 01–12. https://doi.org/10.18844/ijeths.v5i1.5300