Investigating style and narrative techniques in Dickens’ Bleak House

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Abdelhadi Benamar


Dickens could never get rid of his everlasting catching style even though the very novel has been said to be one of his maturities. The style is there with more repetition and mock. The latter is not obvious to readers; it is dramatically welded to the circumstances, bizarre, rare but not alien to commoners of the very epoch. One of the most stunning texts and range of words, wordiness and elements within contexts alluding, saying but revealing the hidden, forbidden and the taboo, is the introduction of his novel A Tale of the Two Cities. In the following excerpts taken from Bleak House, the introduction is dense and irregularly shaped in English: the very language of his and her majesty. Wherein the question poses itself and raises the discrepancies among form and content; a dichotomy that ought to be considered in conducting the investigation of style and stylistics upon the forthcoming texts.


Keywords: Dickens, stylistics, narrative, techniques, Bleak House.


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Benamar, A. (2021). Investigating style and narrative techniques in Dickens’ Bleak House. International Journal of New Trends in Social Sciences, 5(1), 01–15.