The role of graphic design in the COVID-19 global outbreak

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Seda Nur Atasoy


Many studies have been performed in the field of graphic design to prevent and monitor the coronavirus disease global outbreak, which emerged in Wuhan City, China, and has been announced as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. Graphic Design has always taken a stand towards positive thinking by enhancing creative reactions to the challenging conditions (conditions in which there is no physical human connection, movement is restricted, concerns increase, etc.) that human beings have faced up so far and has supported the idea of the world that is trying to heal. The aim of this study is to examine the communication power that graphic design has created during the pandemic process by inspecting the current works of a common language which has been put forward as a graphic language in order to be united in the name of graphic design, both in the information charts of the coronavirus in the name of graphic design and in this troubled process of the world. In this study, the reaction, contribution and support, which have been developed by Graphic design for the COVID-19 pandemic process, were examined and samples were presented from designers by examining illustrations, posters, infographics, graphic products and so on, which have been made around the world. In addition to this, creative problem solutions and the role of graphic design have also been explored for solving these problems.


Keywords: Graphic design, COVID-19, coronavirus, outbreak, epidemic.




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