Social phobia and addictive behaviours in adolescents

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Mariana Floricica Calin


Adolescence is the age of discordance: abandonment of ideas and feelings, perpetual becoming, eternal change, everything presupposes contradiction. It is the age of speeds and disappointments. Pessimism alternates with enthusiasm for a new idea or for a noble cause, hence the affective ambivalence. This paper aims to identify some behavioural aspects and personality traits of adolescents of two categories, adolescents from two-parent families and those from single-parent families. To verify the work hypothesis, we applied the Scale for assessing adolescent disorders - short form, the sample population includes 90 adolescents who are part of single-parent and two-parent families, 45 male subjects and 45 female subjects. Based on the results there is a significant difference between adolescents from biparental families and adolescents from monoparental families, in terms of generalized anxiety, substance addiction and eating disorder. People with high levels of anxiety are often convinced that they will act in the wrong way or that someone else will judge them.

Keywords: social phobia, addictive behaviors, adolescents, abandonment, feelings


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Calin, M. F. (2021). Social phobia and addictive behaviours in adolescents. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 8(3), 44–50.