Units of a person’s mental lexicon and the nature of connections between them

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Zhanagul Rakisheva
Aelita Sagiyeva
Assel Utegenova
Bibigul Vasic


In the modern world, the interest of the scientific world on the interdisciplinary basis of speech perception on the part of psychology and Philology has increased significantly. It should be noted that, despite the increasing role of the English language in Kazakhstan at the present time, this problem is probably the least developed. The purpose of the article is to describe the results of scientific research on the process of entering a foreign word into the system of internal lexicon of a student at the level of professional training. Methodology used: experimental (identification of the threshold of the "educational" lexical minimum) and comparative (comparison of associative fields of English words of the profile for students of the direction, in general 1500 lexical units) were used. From the results the data obtained allow us to identify the specifics of the entry of a foreign language word into the system of the student's internal lexicon at the professional level.

Keywords: psycholinguistics, mental lexicon, internal dictionary, foreign language, connections


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Rakisheva, Z. ., Sagiyeva, A. ., Utegenova, A., & Vasic, B. . (2021). Units of a person’s mental lexicon and the nature of connections between them. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 8(3), 127–142. https://doi.org/10.18844/prosoc.v8i3.6405
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Zhanagul Rakisheva, Aktobe State University, Kazakhstan



Aelita Sagiyeva, Aktobe State University, Kazakhstan

Assel Utegenova, Aktobe State University, Kazakhstan



Bibigul Vasic, Aktobe State University, Kazakhstan