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Vol. 13 No. 1 (2021): January

Published: 2021-01-30

Primary school teacher candidates’ views on multilingual concepts: A perspective of learning technology

Zhamilya Khajayeva, Assel Stambekova, Zhanar Gazikhanova, Gulnara Smagulova, Salamatova Rakhat Makhanbetjanovna


Psychological problems and features of modern schoolchildren’s communication

Evgenya S. Romanova, Ludmila I. Bershedova, Tatiana Yu. Morozova, Larisa Yu. Ovcharenko, Svetlana N. Tolstikova


Meta-subject methodology approach in the training of future primary school teachers

Zhazira Zhumabayeva, Gulnar Uaisova, Inkar Hasanovа, Sarsengul Jetpisbayeva


Adaptation of innovative edge banding trimmer for technology instruction: A university case

Dennis L. Capuyan, Reylan G. Capuno, Roberto Suson, Nolasco K. Malabago, Eugenio A. Ermac, Rino Anthony M. Demetrio, Ahmad M. Aburayya, Coliao T. Concordio, Redgie D. Arcadio, Gerwine J. Medio, Bernabe C. Lumantas


Developing primary school students’ skills on general developmental exercises and teachers’ professional development on learning technologies in physical education

Ospankulov Еrnar, Zhumabaуeva Aziya Eleupanovna, Umirbekova Akerke Nurlanbekovna, Akpayeva Asel Bakirovna, Kenesbayev Serik Mukhtaruly


Examination of the researches on the use of technology by fine arts teachers

Berikbol Rakhat , Bekbolatova Kuralay , Smanova Akmaral , Nebessayeva Zhanar, Dzhanaev Miyat


The accessible IT for the courses on the special education undergraduate program

Endang Pudjiastuti Sartinaha, Sri Joeda Andajanib, Muhammad Nurul Ashar, Eryana Retno Fatimasari Budiatic


Relevance of the mass media in Prevention, Education and Contextual Management of COVID-19

Enaidy Reynosa Navarro , Margit Julia Guerra-Ayala, Walther Hernán Casimiro-Urcos, Dolores Vélez-Jiménez , Nora Consuelo Casimiro-Urcos, Erick Oswaldo Salazar-Montoya, Javier Francisco Casimiro-Urcos, Juan Carlos Callejas Torres


Elementary school children’s speech skills in interdisciplinary ICT communication

Asel Yesnazar, Amangeldi Japbarov, Ainur Zhorabekova, Zauret Kabylbekova, Artyk Nuralieva, Uaidullakyzy Elmira


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