The role of schools during practicum in adapting to Vietnamese education innovation

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Vu Thi Mai Huong


School is a crucial component in teacher training. Schools are also the places where pre – service teachers practice manipulations, career actions, capacity development and career sentiments. The innovation of Vietnamese general education from content to competency approach has led to many changes in the schools, thereby requiring teacher training to be linked to educational practices in every school. The schools have just played the role of a unit that evaluates and tests the training quality of the pedagogical universities, and at the same time provides practical educational knowledge and educational innovation to supplement the theoretical knowledge in school offenses. This research aims at determining the role of schools during training pre – service teachers in Vietnam. Data was collected through questionnaires involving 390 participants comprising student teachers, lecturers from pedagogy universities and mentors of schools in Vietnam. The results showed that, in Vietnam, schools are lacking initiative in coordinating with teacher training institutions. The role of schools is still limited; the schools need to promote the initiative and be more active in the relationship with pedagogical universities so that the effectiveness of teacher training is the highest, adapting to the innovations of current Vietnam education.


Keywords: practicum, role of schools, mentor, student teachers, pre-service teacher, teacher preparation


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Huong, V. T. M. . (2021). The role of schools during practicum in adapting to Vietnamese education innovation. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 16(1), 01–15.