Empirical investigation into teachers’ attitudes towards inclusive education: A study of future faculty of Qatari schools

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Mohamed Hamid
Nagwa Ibrahim A. Mohamed


Disabled students are capable of learning and growing equally to normal students, therefore the educational infrastructure of many developed countries is inclined towards an inclusive educational system. However, such students, unfortunately, are not treated well in developing countries where teachers’ attitudes are a key hindrance to an inclusive education system. This study assesses future faculty attitudes towards inclusive education in Qatari independent schools. A mixed population from Arabic studies, Islamic studies, English language, social studies, mathematics, and science sections of both primary and secondary programmes are selected from the College of Education at Qatar University. The Questionnaire of Attitudes towards Inclusion (QAI) is designed for populations of all genders and sections. Data are analysed statistically initially using the t-test and, later with descriptive statistics in SPSS software. The research findings suggests that future faculty show a positive attitude concerning with inclusive education. However, this attitude toward teaching special children varies which depends on the severity of disability and the nature. Further, teachers prefer to teach mild special children for instance those with learning disabilities. Additionally, the findings reveal no substantial differences in future faculty attitudes to special children in inclusive education with respect to gender or specialization. The study emphasizes the importance of academic and psychological preparation of teachers in Qatari independent schools to understand the nature of disability and motivate them to enhance their acceptance of children with disabilities.

Keywords: Disabled students, inclusive education, Qatari independent schools, special education, teaching attitude


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Hamid, M., & Mohamed, N. I. A. . (2021). Empirical investigation into teachers’ attitudes towards inclusive education: A study of future faculty of Qatari schools. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 16(2), 580–593. https://doi.org/10.18844/cjes.v16i2.5636