Increasing youth awareness of local culture through active learning

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Silvia Rosa
Ivonne Olivia
Satya Gayatri
Tira Nur Fitria
Ahmad Ridho Rojabi


This study aims to determine the influence of practice-based active learning on students' interest and response in learning local culture in drama classes. The research was conducted at public universities in Indonesia using two active learning strategies. Qualitative methods using participatory techniques, interviews, and observations were carried out in collecting data for this study. The sample of this research is fifty drama class students. The analysis of data was done after the drama classes ended, which was marked by the process of assessing student learning outcomes through stage performances. This study showed a statistically significant increase in students' interest and response to learning local culture through collaborative learning methods and role-play in drama classroom learning. This study recommends adopting an active learning strategy in teaching local cultural materials to students. Further research is recommended on designing different active learning strategies with other variables and in different locations.



Keywords: Scriptwriting; classroom drama teaching; teaching local culture; active learning.


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Rosa , S. ., Olivia , I. ., Gayatri , S. ., Fitria , T. N., & Rojabi , A. R. (2021). Increasing youth awareness of local culture through active learning. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 16(4), 1582–1601.