Design and Redesign as a Creative Challenge

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Nicoleta Luminita Carutasu


In this paper, we want to show how interesting and creative a redesign activity for a logo is. To design a logo is a matter of creativity and ‘graphic culture’. To redesign a logo (we have introduced ‘graphic leap’ in logo design to rename a redesign activity) is ‘something special’. This study concerns the creation of easy ways to design logos and to select the main constituent elements to realise them. It is a creative work to balance all the features involved in a graphic representation to create a harmonious design. In this paper, we have answered two questions: a new logo means a ‘refresh design’, by using the same elements, but in a modern redesign or a new logo without any connection to the elements of the old one. The case study is about the logos of the faculties of our university.

Keywords: Design, redesign, logo, graphic leap.


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Carutasu, N. L. (2017). Design and Redesign as a Creative Challenge. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(11), 70–75. (Original work published December 27, 2017)