How to achieve a right graphic representation for a logo

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Nicoleta Elisabeta Pasu
Victor Adir
Nicoleta Luminita Carutasu
George Adir


The graphic world of logos is interesting and creative. In this paper, we have pleaded about ‘the graphic technique’ to design good logos using a few essential principles to do it. To draw a graphic representation, as a logo, somebody has to know a peculiar language made of symbols, signs, colours, geometric shapes and words. Because the typology of logos is interesting and allows to create icons, logotype and complex graphic representations. Our study has analysed a lot of logos to identify the main principles ‘to build’ them. It was a hard work of observation and explanation about logos using many examples. We think we have shown the power of graphics in our study.
Keywords: Special graphic language, logo, principles, typology, creative work.


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Pasu, N. E., Adir, V., Carutasu, N. L., & Adir, G. (2018). How to achieve a right graphic representation for a logo. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 5(6), 60–67.