Primary school teacher candidates’ views on multilingual concepts: A perspective of learning technology

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Zhamilya Khajayeva
Assel Stambekova
Zhanar Gazikhanova
Gulnara Smagulova
Salamatova Rakhat Makhanbetjanovna


With the expansion of primary school education in Kazakhstan, many ethnic groups were reached. This situation has started to signal the necessity of classroom teachers having knowledge, awareness and experience in subjects such as sensitivity, education and needs of children. This research is a qualitative study, and it was conducted to understand the awareness and knowledge levels of classroom teacher candidates on multilingual education. The research was conducted within the framework of the perspectives on learning technology. 38 teacher candidates who participated in the study were interviewed on the internet and their views on multilingual education were analysed with a descriptive qualitative analysis method. The data obtained as a result of the interviews were examined in detail and the opinions of the teacher candidates on multilingual education were interpreted. Based on the results of the research, suggestions have been made on subjects such as reshaping our teacher training programmes in the context of multilingualism and providing them with teacher support, both theoretically and practically, and to train teachers who can meet the needs of children from linguistic minority groups.


Keywords: Primary school, ethnic groups, technology, multilingual education.


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Khajayeva, Z., Stambekova, A., Gazikhanova, Z., Smagulova, G., & Makhanbetjanovna, S. R. (2021). Primary school teacher candidates’ views on multilingual concepts: A perspective of learning technology. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 13(1), 01–09.