Adaptation of innovative edge banding trimmer for technology instruction: A university case

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Dennis L. Capuyan
Reylan G. Capuno
Roberto Suson
Nolasco K. Malabago
Eugenio A. Ermac
Rino Anthony M. Demetrio
Ahmad M. Aburayya
Coliao T. Concordio
Redgie D. Arcadio
Gerwine J. Medio
Bernabe C. Lumantas


This study focuses on the adaptation of an innovative edge banding trimmer for technology instruction. This study also aimed to explore the respondent group's perceptions of the level of acceptability and effectiveness of innovated edge banding trimmer. Moreover, this study utilizes a survey to assess the perception of the faculty and student. The study used the descriptive-normative design to gather facts relevant for achieving the discussion details in planning, designing, and constructing the IEBT. The main instrument used to ascertain these parameters are the two survey questionnaires were researcher-made aligns with industry competencies, the statistician validated the reliability and consistency. Results revealed that the perceptions of the two respondent groups are statistically significant. Moreover, innovated edge banding trimmer shows a positive effect on the students' performance and output. Further, it implied that using innovated edge banding trimmer would make students work more efficiently and elevate quality. The research finding will allow the faculty and students to meet global needs in innovation and lifelong learning.


Keywords: Innovated edge banding, technology instruction, challenge of change


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Capuyan, D. L. ., Capuno, R. G. ., Suson, R., Malabago, N. K. ., Ermac, E. A. ., Demetrio, R. A. M. ., Aburayya, A. M., Concordio, C. T. ., Arcadio, R. D. ., Medio, G. J. ., & Lumantas, B. C. . (2021). Adaptation of innovative edge banding trimmer for technology instruction: A university case. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 13(1), 31–41.