Meta-subject methodology approach in the training of future primary school teachers

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Zhazira Zhumabayeva
Gulnar Uaisova
Inkar Hasanovа
Sarsengul Jetpisbayeva


The urgent task of higher education is to comprehensively prepare future teachers for the implementation of state educational standards (SESs) for primary general, basic general and secondary full education, as well as mastering the requirements of the professional standard ‘teacher’. The key requirements of the SES RK include the formation of subject, meta-subject and personal results of students. The concept of ‘meta-subject learning outcomes’ acts as an undoubted innovation of SES RK, which is still not highlighted enough in the scientific and educational literature. In this regard, the need arises for purposeful general professional and subject-methodological preparation of the future teacher for work on the formation and development of meta-subject results for students, mastering the basic educational programmes of general education. The topic of this article is related to the pressing issues of the meta-subject content of education at a pedagogical university. Particular attention is paid to the theoretical justification of meta-subject matter in scientific research. On the example of the author’s programme of the new variable discipline ‘Meta-subject approach in primary education’, intended for students of the pedagogical direction of training, the basic conditions for the implementation of the meta-subject approach in network interaction with educational institutions are considered.


Keywords: Meta-discipline, meta-disciplinary approach, meta-disciplinary outcomes, meta-disciplinary skills, educational programme.


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Zhumabayeva, Z., Uaisova, G. ., Hasanovа I. ., & Jetpisbayeva, S. . (2021). Meta-subject methodology approach in the training of future primary school teachers. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 13(1), 21–30.