Relevance of the mass media in Prevention, Education and Contextual Management of COVID-19

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Enaidy Reynosa Navarro
Margit Julia Guerra-Ayala
Walther Hernán Casimiro-Urcos
Dolores Vélez-Jiménez
Nora Consuelo Casimiro-Urcos
Erick Oswaldo Salazar-Montoya
Javier Francisco Casimiro-Urcos
Juan Carlos Callejas Torres


The purpose of this research was to determine the relevance of the media in the prevention, education and contextual management of COVID-19. Methodology: descriptive non-experimental transectional research. An international survey validated by experts was applied, surveying 1082 people during a month. The countries with the highest participation were Peru, Colombia, Mexico, the United States and Russia. The data was processed using SPSS version 25. 64.7% of the respondents affirmed that the means were decisive in preventing the pandemic; 59.1% recognized the importance of the media for awareness and prevention of the pandemic, and 64% valued the importance of the media for the contextual management of the pandemic; demonstrating a significant relationship between the variables. Contributions: the need for strategic, prudent, ethical and socially responsible communication that benefits citizens in a pandemic situation is highlighted.


Keywords: Mass media; communication; electronic media; social networks; education; prevention


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Navarro , E. R., Guerra-Ayala, M. J., Casimiro-Urcos, W. H., Vélez-Jiménez , D., Casimiro-Urcos, N. C., Salazar-Montoya, E. O., Casimiro-Urcos, J. F., & Callejas Torres, J. C. (2021). Relevance of the mass media in Prevention, Education and Contextual Management of COVID-19. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 13(1), 129–146. (Original work published February 2, 2021)