The risks and threats of digital educational technologies and products

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Elena A. Sorokoumova
Elena B. Puchkova
Elena I. Cherdymova
Larisa V. Temnova


Modern research is paying much attention to the issue of digital addiction of students in recent times since it can lead students to pay less attention to their academics. This article intends to discuss the possible threats and risks of the formation of digital dependence among teenagers from the use of gadgets. As a research method, the questionnaire method was used. The participants consisted of 13 specialists and 508 teenagers aged 11 to 14, studying in the 5th-8th grades of secondary schools.  From the study, digital education increased the time spent of digital devices and technology. The authors also found that when students are learning with digital devices, they waste time on non-educational contents. The authors of the article propose psychological and pedagogical measures aimed at preventing digital addiction of students.

Keywords: students, digital educational technologies, digital products, Internet addiction, prevention, gadget, typology of threats and risks.


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Sorokoumova, E. A. ., Puchkova, E. B. ., Cherdymova, E. I. ., & Temnova, L. V. . (2021). The risks and threats of digital educational technologies and products. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 13(4), 851–862.