Ensuring the safety of learning and teaching environments

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Mukhamejan Tusseyev
Jamilya Torybayeva
Kairat Ibragim
Arzu Gurbanova
Gaziza Nazarova


The state of health and psychological well-being of all citizens, is a determining condition for the development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The purpose of this study was to theoretically substantiate and identify the role and place of the alienation of children from school in the issue of ensuring the psychological safety of schoolchildren. The researchers set out the content and results of an experimental study, which was aimed at identifying the real state of learning motivation, the manifestation of alienation symptoms in children, the state of their emotional resource deficiency in elementary school children. The authors present the results of a study conducted with 1st–2nd-grade pupils, as well as parents and teachers of elementary schools in the southern region of Kazakhstan in the aspect of the sought problem.  The results showed that the developmental histories of children with signs of alienation, are characteristics that demonstrate a deficit of a conflict resource in the early stages of development

Keywords: alienation, schoolchild, provision, psychological safety, educational environment


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Tusseyev, M. ., Torybayeva, J. ., Ibragim, K., Gurbanova, A. ., & Nazarova, G. . (2021). Ensuring the safety of learning and teaching environments. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 13(4), 1029–1039. https://doi.org/10.18844/wjet.v13i4.6299
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Kairat Ibragim, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, JSC NCCE “Orleu”, Almaty, Kazakhstan