Parent involvement in adolescents’ education: A case study of partnership models

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Sujarwo Sujarwo
Erma Kusumawardani
Iis Prasetyo
Herwin Herwin


Parent involvement has become very important in successful children’s education. The activities showing parent involvement can not be separated from lifelong education. Therefore, the focus of this research is was on non-formal and informal education in achieving one of the sustainable development goals. Then, this study described parent involvement activities in senior high schools as a model of partnership. This research was qualitative in nature, employing a case study method. The results of this study concerning parent involvement in the education of their teenage children could be seen from the forms of parental support they gave in their children’s activities either at school or at home. It is shown that in terms of parent involvement at school, parents from the upper – middle social-economic status gave more participation in the forms of funds and energy. From both activities, the researchers classified involvement patterns into three, namely habituation, academic involvement, and self-concept.         


Keywords: adulthood, collaboration, informal learning, parent involvement, partnership


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Sujarwo , S. ., Kusumawardani , E. ., Prasetyo , I., & Herwin , H. . (2021). Parent involvement in adolescents’ education: A case study of partnership models. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 16(4), 1563–1581.