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Mehmet Cemal
Director of Publisher 

Vol. 12 No. 4 (2020): October

Published: 2020-10-30

Creative and research competence as a factor of professional training of future teachers: Perspective of learning technology

Amina Amirova, Jeksembekova Menslu Iskakovna, Taubayeva Galiya Zakaryanovna, Zhundibayeva Turarkhan Nurmakhanovna, Uaidullakyzy Elmira

278 - 289

Determining parents' level of awareness about safe internet use

Khairi Ghet Elghadafi Elgharnah, Fezile Ozdamli


Problems of preservice teachers on technological pedagogical knowledge skills

Zhazira Tugelbayeva, Zhumabaуeva Aziya Eleupanovna, Gulsara Tokkulova, Makhinur Nizamova, Yegenissova Almazhai Kulzhanovna

361 - 372

Determination of primary school children’s speech skills in interdisciplinary communication in learning environments

Asel Yesnazar, Amangeldi Japbarov, Ainur Zhorabekova, Zauret Kabylbekova, Artyk Nuralieva, Uaidullakyzy Elmira


Institutional facilitation for learning improvement with consideration of students’ voices

Naeem Rakhshanda, Asma Shahid Kazi, Manzoor Shabana, Quraishi Uzma


ICT and education in Brazil - NGO, local government administration, business and higher education expert perspective

Łukasz Tomczyk, Valéria Farinazzo Martins, Maria Amelia Eliseo, Ismar Frango Silveira, Cibelle de la Higuera Amato, Lazar Stošić

401 - 424

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