Some instructional problems in the formation of family and moral values of students

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Sabira Nishanbayeva
Sholpan Kolumbayeva
Aisulu Satynskaya
Saira Zhiyenbayeva
Perizat Seiitkazy
Sholpan Kalbergenova


In this article, we examine the instructional theoretical work on the formation of family-moral values ​​of students, conduct experimental work on a small experimental site and consider its concrete results. Methods were used to determine students' moral awareness, understanding family as value, family relationships, ability to control family conflicts, and active involvement in family decision-making. Theoretically, content analysis, synthesis, generalization, survey, diagnostics, and the like were organized. Based on the above, it is very effective to use Rokeach's method of "valuing the value". We present a percentage index based on the traditional relationships of the family institution in the form of a forming experiment organized on the basis of the "Psychological trainings for family life" series, which is organized in the right direction, in conjunction with the new social and economic conditions within the modern society.


Keywords: Instruction, family values, technology, cultural relations, individuality, typology of values;


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Nishanbayeva , S. ., Kolumbayeva , S. ., Satynskaya , A. ., Zhiyenbayeva, S. ., Seiitkazy , P. ., & Kalbergenova , S. . (2021). Some instructional problems in the formation of family and moral values of students. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 13(3), 529–545.