State regulation and development of digital educational platforms

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Valentina B. Salakhova
Maria A. Erofeeva
Elena V. Pronina
Natalia V. Belyakova
Natalia Zaitseva
Izida I. Ishmuradova


The introduction of digital platforms influences all areas of social development, including the education sector. The Russian government, in a bid to take advantage of this, has encouraged the development of a solid educational system that can support digitalization’s effect on the economy. The paper aims to analyze the development of Russian digital platforms in general and educational platforms, as a decisive factor in economic competitiveness on the world market. The study was a descriptive research and Russia was the main population for the study. The research made use of secondary data from national and international sources. An analysis of modern practices in the field of digital educational platforms shows that educational organizations cannot independently use digital technologies at the new level of requirements. For this purpose, a functioning digital ecosystem is needed that would be able to provide a variety of new technologies in education.


Keywords: state development, digital educational platforms, digital learning, digital educational environment.


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Salakhova, V. B. . ., Erofeeva, M. A., Pronina, E. V., Belyakova, N. V., Zaitseva, N., & Ishmuradova , I. I. . (2021). State regulation and development of digital educational platforms. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 13(4), 956–966.

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